The one thing that will make your site stand out above your competitors is the content. Regularly updating your site with informative articles and decent quality pieces will generate interest in your site, regardless of the function of your site, as well as helping with your search engine rankings.

You have three main options really – write it yourself, pay writers to write for you, or have guest posts.

Writing for yourself

This is likely to be the route most people will follow. In the beginning, regardless of what your site is going to be doing, it is highly likely it won’t be making you any money. Until it is, writing your own content is the best way to go. I write content for all of my sites, although I did pay for a number of basic articles to be written for one of the sites which is making a little money for me.

When writing your own content, remember who your target audience will be. If you’re selling prams, mothers and mother-to-be will be the ones reading your content, so you’ll want to use language and tone that is suitable, with little slang and no abbreviations. If you’re writing content for computer games users, then you’ll be able to alter your style to reflect the different demographic.

I would also suggest writing your content in a program which provides a spelling and grammar check. I hate finding errors on sites, and if the content is written by the site owner, it really does put me off. I have no doubt that there will be the odd error on my sites, but I do my best to minimise them. I want to be taken seriously, and if your sites is full of errors, it will be a difficult ask.

Paying Writers

If your site is making money, you may want to pay writers to take on the burden of adding regular content to your sites. Search engines will rank sites with regular new content higher than static sites so if your site provides a particular product or service, it is in your best interest to ensure you have at least an article a week published on your site.

Have a read of Kevin Muldoon’s article The Process of Finding Good Writers which he wrote back in January. He explains very well the process he went through to get a good writer for his site and the pitfalls you should avoid.

I used People Per Hour to find writers for UggBootsHQ and WeddingFavoursHQ as I needed regular content for both to help with my search rankings. It took me a while but I found an excellent writer who I was very pleased with and continue to work with. If you want her details, get in touch.

Guest Posts

This is something I have yet to embrace but something a few of my friends do on a regular basis. This is a two way street and something all bloggers and website owners should consider. Firstly, by allowing people in the same field to post on your website, you get relevant content which you still have control over. Secondly, if you provide guest posts for other similar sites, you’ll be able to link back to your own site, providing valuable ‘juice’ for your own site.

I’ll briefly discussed search engines in this article. In the next one I’ll share a little bit more information on how search engines work and what you can do to improve your ranking.



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